Saturday, March 6, 2010

Vidoes - My First Android Application in the Market

My first Android application is now in the Market. Why did I create this application? Frankly, because it's missing from Android OS. There is a music application for listening to your music. But, to view your videos you must launch the gallery and view your videos mixed in with your pictures. Also, you don't get the video title or video length.

The "Videos" application fills this void with a simple scrolling list of just the videos on your phone. The features of the application:
  • Thumbnail of your videos
  • Video name
  • Video length
  • Time left (if you are in the middle of watching a video)
  • Launch the video

If you have an Android 2.0+ phone you can find it in the market by searching "Videos" or get more information here.

Videos screen capture

Videos screen capture


Unknown said...

Sweet! Nice app you geeky primates. I'm looking forward to more cool stuff from Android Code Monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Can you share the source code of this application?
Or can you tell me whether android supports showing video thumbnails from the network sources.
Please share some code snippets.

Thanks & Regards,

hello said...

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