Thursday, March 3, 2011

Android app & Netduino plus to monitor and open garage door

I have started a new blog on the Netduino plus board. This is my first foray into embedded programming. I just received an Arduino Uno board and a Netduino plus board. I am going to chronicle a home automation project that includes the following elements (I will be documenting everything you need if you want to join me!) 

  • Netduino plus with garage door sensor
  • Open and close the garage door with the Netduino plus
  • Send commands to the Netduino over HTTP
  • A RESTful webservice that talks to the Netduino plus over HTTP
  • Write an Android app that talks to the RESTful webservice that talks to the Netduino
  • An Android app to monitor my garage door and open/close it.
I will be posting every step of this project with parts lists, instructions and code examples. If you want to learn more here are some links.

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